First Fifteen

CDBaby - 2009 - cd


    On First Fifteen by Headflap, this extremely unique quartet delivers 15 stylistically diverse gems first presented by previous lineups of Bernie Bernie Headflap (BBH) in its first 15 years, 1992 through 2007. After the umpteenth lineup of Bernie Bernie Headflap (BBH) was assembled by Kermit’Kit’ Lyman III, (of Slumlord Philadelphia and several other projects) now on guitar and vocals Alan McCabe, who had founded the project in ’92 and approached Lyman in ’08, decided to shorten the excessively eccentric name to Headflap. It soon became clear that longtime BBH supporter Lyman and the locally well-respected Cooper-Price Rhythm Section — Kevin Cooper (ex-Spongegod ex-Bobbykork and ex-Rusty Nails with Kit) on bass and younger drummer in town Zach Price were very eager to try their hands at the songs they’d seen BBH’s previous lineups attack in years past.


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