Sumo Grimace

Sumo Grimace

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Sumo Grimace were a emo/punk band from Almonte, Ontario. Started in the summer of 1995, the original aim was to play one show, but reception was positive and the band continued. Later that summer, they recorded their original demo cassette “Where the Hell is Delaware?” which they self-released. The following spring, they recorded again, the best songs of which would become the “Paper Bag Tape”, which they took on them for their first tour- playing dates in the the US with Strung Out, Diesel Boy, Bigwig, Suicide Machines and others. One song from this recording was also released on the “Don’t Forget to Make an Effort” compilation on King Recordz. in 1997, the band would record its 7″ single, “Almonte and Other Dreams We’ve Had”- named after their hometown. This release was sold on their upcoming tour in January 1998, which became known as “The Tour of Doom” due to numerous problems including shows cancelled at the last minute and their van catching on fire. Shortly after this tour, the band decided to break up. Guitarist/vocalist Adam Puddington later went on to a solo career in the folk-rock genre. Bassist/vocalist Matt Ford later went on to play in hardcore bands Miles Between Us, The Wishlist, and later Black Passenger, as well as other projects.


Adam Puddington - guitar/vocals
Matt Ford - bass/vocals
Shawn Hanneson - drums
Peter Nightingale - flute



  • Sumo Grimace


  • Jul 29, 1996

  • Jul 26, 1996



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