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Pottstown Death Metal!

Witchery was a death metal band that hailed from the Pottstown area in 1991. They were known for 3-5 minute long epics of melodic brutality, in the death metal style of the early 90’s.

The original line up had four members with lots of hair. They made loose ties with the West Chester scene through sharing a few shows with 2.5 Children between 91-92 and through the drummer who ended up in West Chester and eventually Corrupt Justin.

After calling it quits around 1993, the band reunited as a trio in 1997, but ended a couple years later as a hard-core trio called “World Demise”.


Joel Prange - guitar/vocals
Justin Prange - bass/backing vocals
Chris "Doc" Kulp - drums

Former Member(s)

Jeff Yoder (bass), Scott Antrim (rhythm guitar), Ryan Gould (rhythm guitar)


  • May 11, 1997

  • Witchery at the Corrupt House

    Aug 24, 1996



    • Witchery

      Corrupt House - West Chester, PA
      May, 11 1997


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