Wookiee Punch!

Wookiee Punch!

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Always Let the Wookiee Win.

So… it all started one day when some band had a show booked, but then one of the guys in the band had a conflict and had to play out-of-state with another band the same day. The other guys decided that they still wanted to play, but could not really do the same set without a full band.

Thus, WOOKIEE PUNCH! was born… you’re welcome for the stupidity.


Kev Solo - vocals/ukulele
Obi-Wan Comolli - bass/vocals
Steve-3PO - guitar




  • Wookiee Punch!
  • Wookiee Punch!


  • Brandywine Roller Derby 8/18/2012

    Aug 18, 2012

  • Eris Temple 4/23/2011

    Apr 23, 2011

  • Apr 23, 2011


  • Brandywine Roller Derby, Thorndale, PA
    Aug, 18 2012

  • Eris Temple, Philadelphia, PA
    Apr, 23 2011


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