• Homestead - The Relish House - Mar 09, 1996

    The Relish House - 111 Linden Street, West Chester
    Mar 09, 1996

Band Comments

Thanks! Once I saw the band name I remembered. This was definitely Homestead. I believe one of them know Heather, which is why they played at the Relish House. Never saw them before this show... or after.
Josh (Oct 12, 2010)

I take that back, pretty sure it's a band named Homestead. My date book from '96 lists The Abreacts, Third Year, Homestead, Wally, & Super Hi-5 as having played that night.
Anonymous (Sep 23, 2010)

I think this might be Bigwig, from NJ. Their singer had blond hair like that. I remember them being jerks at other shows, not sure why they would've been invited to play a basement show in WC... so maybe it's not them?
Anonymous (Sep 22, 2010)